Coconut Charcoal Cookies v.2

I published a coconut oil charcoal cookie back on Halloween, but to be honest I wasn't quite satisfied with it. I decided to revisit it to give a little goth vibe to my Valentine baking, for those with a little darkness in their heart. ๐Ÿ–ค The coconut and raspberry jam pair nicely together in a … Continue reading Coconut Charcoal Cookies v.2


Oil-free Blueberry Muffins

Nothing more classic than a blueberry muffin. Unfortunately, there's also nothing more classic than using oil in a muffin. I personally prefer to avoid oil in baking; I feel like those are empty calories that don't necessarily add anything special, given moisture can be achieved in other ways. And I prefer to eat my fats … Continue reading Oil-free Blueberry Muffins

Cranberry Orange Cake

I realized now in January that I forgot to upload this here! For this year's holiday cake, I decided I wanted to make something cranberry-flavoured. I started with the white cake base that I used for a previous spice cake recipe, got some frozen cranberries and went to work. I decided to eliminate the almond … Continue reading Cranberry Orange Cake

Orange Blossom Cranberry Cookies

December is the time for cranberry recipes! Orange goes great with cranberries, but I wanted something a little subtler, so I went with orange blossom water. The slightly bitter orange and floral taste gives a delicate depth to the cookie, which is what I was going for. You could probably swap the blossom water for … Continue reading Orange Blossom Cranberry Cookies

Charcoal Coconut Cut-Out Cookies

This recipe uses activated charcoal, which the Internet seems to say is fine to eat, so there we go. I tested this out today, on Halloween, just to get a post in before October ends. It's adapted from the matcha "zombie hands" cut-out cookies from last year, but without the vegan margarine, just coconut oil, … Continue reading Charcoal Coconut Cut-Out Cookies