Coffee-Flavoured Loaf Cake

Funny story with this one, it started out when I was trying to adapt gluten-free this olive oil cake recipe. Yeah. But when I made my flour blend and tested the recipe, I thought the flavour and the general balance of ingredients would probably work well with coffee, so I decided to overhaul it. There's … Continue reading Coffee-Flavoured Loaf Cake


Avocado Banana Brownies

A simple idea: using avocado instead of oil in brownies, for those whole food and fibre benefits. I'd been wanting to try that for a while and found a simple vegan but not gluten-free recipe online that also used banana. It was fairly easy to adapt gluten-free, and the result was exactly the kind of … Continue reading Avocado Banana Brownies

Chocolate Mini Doughnuts

For when you want just a little bite of chocolate sweetness. This is adapted from a doughnut recipe from The Vegan Cookie Fairy. Her doughnuts are full-size, and she says to use "plain gluten-free flour" which for someone who makes their own per-recipe mixes like me is very open to interpretation. So, I played around … Continue reading Chocolate Mini Doughnuts

Coconut Charcoal Cookies v.2

I published a coconut oil charcoal cookie back on Halloween, but to be honest I wasn't quite satisfied with it. I decided to revisit it to give a little goth vibe to my Valentine baking, for those with a little darkness in their heart. πŸ–€ The coconut and raspberry jam pair nicely together in a … Continue reading Coconut Charcoal Cookies v.2