Cranberry Orange Cake

I realized now in January that I forgot to upload this here! For this year's holiday cake, I decided I wanted to make something cranberry-flavoured. I started with the white cake base that I used for a previous spice cake recipe, got some frozen cranberries and went to work. I decided to eliminate the almond … Continue reading Cranberry Orange Cake


Orange Spice Cake with Almond Frosting

This was my holiday cake this year. I wanted something festive, but not heavy like chocolate because I knew we'd be eating a lot of other good food at Mom's. And I thought "Orange is a holiday flavour, right?" But it needed something more to get it there, so orange spice. I looked around at … Continue reading Orange Spice Cake with Almond Frosting

Chocolate Walnut Cake with Cinnamon Frosting

The cake layers themselves are a gluten-free adaptation of this recipe: I doubled it to make two layers and switched the water for coffee to help boost the chocolate taste. I then improvised a cinnamon buttercream to go along with it. Fair warning that this recipe is very high in calories, with all the … Continue reading Chocolate Walnut Cake with Cinnamon Frosting

Spice Cake

This is a cinnamon spice cake made by adding spices to a white cake recipe. The original recipe is vegan but not gluten-free, and it's for a bigger two-layer white cake: (I realized after decorating that the silver beads aren't vegan (gelatin); I still had them from before, oops.) Here is my modified version … Continue reading Spice Cake

Carrot Spice Cake

(The walnuts used as decoration here are completely optional, the cake itself is nut-free.) This is a modification of the carrot version of this bundt cake: I split the flour content in three different gluten-free flours to make my mix, and I also subbed oil with applesauce and brown sugar with organic cane sugar … Continue reading Carrot Spice Cake